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Applicant/Complainant Type Of grievance Case No. In Matter Of Order Date View / Download
Meer Shafi Mohammad Billing CGRF08010/2021 High Billing 05/10/2021
Dr.Sanjay Chaturvedi S/o Murari Chaturvedi Billing CGRF09012/2021 Excess billing at locked premises due to different additional meter 27/09/2021
Ashish Dhabuwala High Billing CGRF06007/2021 Excess Electricity Bill 13/08/2021
Mohd.Illyas Khan New Connection CGRF07008/2021 Grant of New Connection 28/07/2021
Bapu Daware New Connection CGRF05006/2021 Requires New Connection for cobbler shop 05/06/2021
Sushila Hankare New Connection CGRF05004/2021 Requires New Connection for cobbler shop 04/06/2021
Rajesh Rama Swamy New Connection CGRF05003/2021 Requires single phase meter connection for handicapped stall 04/06/2021
Deepak Matai Other CGRF04001/2021 Billing Related 10/05/2021
Ashok Maruti Mhatre Other 07/2020 Excess Billing on estimated basis for a period March’2020 to June’2020 10/05/2021
Virendra Kumar Sharma
(Sunita Tahiliani)
Billing related 06/2020 Inflated bill during March'2020 to June'2020 30/04/2021
Naresh Ahuja Other 05/2020 Shifting of commercial / industrial meters/meter cabin/grounded cable (of landlord’s meter) 26/04/2021